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Lhotse AKA Malarkey

good dog

Bred by Lauro Eklund

Knows gee/Haw?: on open terrain he is great, on a trail with only two options...????

Biggest Fear: The Lawn Mower

Lhotse is the official kennel mascot and namesake. He came with the name Melozi, which I slightly shortened and rebranded into the peak near Everest (Lhotse). However Jake kept bastardizing his original name as malarkey and because he's a dumb boy it just stuck. And here we are. He's a super sweet boy with a great work ethic, and has developed into one of my most reliable leaders. He finished both Copper Basin and Two Rivers 200 in lead for me.

IMG_0763 2.JPG
Lhotse AKA Malarkey: TeamMember
Lhotse AKA Malarkey: Pro Gallery
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